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For those struggling with substance abuse, addiction is an isolating and painful disorder that damages virtually every part of their lives. That’s why the Barrett Recovery drug rehab centers are committed to addressing substance dependency on a physical, emotional, and social level, to help people find a path forwards towards wellness. Our addiction recovery center in Baltimore, Maryland is a secure and comfortable place where our clients can focus all of their thoughts and energy on the important task of overcoming their dependency.

What Actually Happens During Rehab?

Every client who participates in an addiction recovery program at our center takes part in a wide range of activities and therapies that help them reach their goals for recovery. For many participants, the first step in recovery is to go through supervised detox at our drug rehab facility. This allows clients to take advantage of a calm, professional environment while they give their body time to adjust to life without addictive substances.

We encourage all participants at our addiction treatment facility to exercise on a regular basis, since physical activity helps stimulate overall physical and mental well-being. Clients can also explore other activities, like meditation and yoga, with the aid of experienced instructors who can guide them through the process and shape the lessons to help them on their journey of recovery. Feel free to contact us if you would like to learn any more details about the specific therapies offered at our substance abuse treatment facility in Baltimore, Maryland.

Our addiction recovery facility also gives every client ample opportunity to take an active role in group conversations and therapy sessions. These meetings provide an outlet where everyone involved can voice their feelings, experiences, and struggles. Social therapy can be daunting at first, but it is one of the most effective measures available for helping victims of addiction find a supportive community to help them understand their condition and how they can prevail.

We Cater to the Needs of Clients

The process of addiction recovery is a long-term effort, so it’s important that all program participants have a strong and genuine motivation to succeed. Our staff members work with each person to foster a sense of confidence and hope, so they can move forward with a positive perspective. They also devote time to conducting personal interviews with each participant in a private setting, so they can understand how addiction has impacted their lives on a personal level.

One of the things that sets our addiction treatment center apart is our commitment to giving each and every client a personalized treatment program. After consulting with each participant, our seasoned staff members design a program schedule that they believe will provide the most benefit according to each individual’s needs. Tailored treatment can address specific concerns, including potential causes or contributing factors related to substance dependency.

Walking the Path to Wellness

While we look forward to the opportunity to help members of the community overcome their addiction, we also look forward to the day when they walk out of the door ready to face the world ahead. The priority of our drug detox clinic is always focused on the safety and long-term recovery of our clients, so we do everything we can to prepare them for a life free from dependency. We believe that overcoming addiction is an incredible opportunity that can help transform a person’s entire life.

We also want to ensure that participants have the resources and support they need to succeed, which is why we also offer continuing therapy for those who have completed their primary treatment program. Our doors are open to those who want to take part in ongoing therapy, counseling, or group sessions after their rehabilitation is complete.