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Rehabilitation isn’t just about detoxifying and learning how to resist the temptation of addictive substances. It is a process of deep self-development and personal exploration that allows individuals to truly understand how they can live satisfying and productive lives. That’s why you shouldn’t settle for just any addiction recovery program, you should find one that supports complete rehabilitation through comprehensive treatment.

The Barrett Recovery drug rehab centers are committed to providing an environment that encourages stability, security, and mental focus, so clients can dedicate their efforts to their customized recovery program. Our addiction recovery center in Ridgeland, Mississippi serves clients who want to participate in a wide range of therapies that address all of the core aspects of their condition. Amazing things can happen when there is real hope for reaching a better future.

Our Approach: Consultation and Individualized Treatment

Every person who participates in a program at our addiction recovery facility spends time speaking with an experienced counselor who can evaluate their situation closely. They take the time to learn how addiction has impacted the client’s life and what other factors may be encouraging this behavior. This allows them to craft a personalized plan that accounts for the challenges, sources of stress, and environmental factors that contribute to the client’s addiction.

Our substance abuse treatment facility offers clients with a wide array of experiences in the form of physical, emotional, and holistic therapies. These exercises range from a relaxing walk outdoors to mock social scenarios that allow participants to overcome issues that are holding them back. We believe that one of the keys to successful addiction recovery is to find new ways for clients to enjoy themselves and seek experiences that bring value to their life.

Joining a Caring and Welcoming Community

By helping our clients beat their substance dependency, we are helping them make a fundamental transition in their life. This kind of change is also a fantastic opportunity for participants to set long-term goals and set a new course for their future. We maintain a positive community at our center that helps all of our clients feel comfortable and confident that they can succeed if they apply themselves.

Group therapy and individual counseling sessions are a core part of every recovery strategy we design for clients at our addiction treatment center. We encourage participants to share their thoughts and feelings at the appropriate times, as well as take in valuable information shared by others. The meetings are also an opportunity for participants to get to know each other better and find others who have been through similar experiences.

Additional Services at Our Drug Detox Clinic

We work with people from all walks of life who have struggled with addiction in very different ways. Our addiction treatment facility is equipped to assist individuals who are at different stages of recovery, including those who have yet to start the process of getting clean. We encourage clients to take advantage of our clinic’s supervised detoxification program, which provides a supportive environment for overcoming the first big hurdle in the rehabilitation process.

In addition to counseling sessions and other therapies, we also follow a dual diagnosis treatment policy when clients show signs of a co-occurring mental health condition. Many common disorders go untreated, particularly in those suffering from an addiction, which can make recovery a much more difficult proposition. That’s why we help participants at our center get help from a licensed professional who can formally diagnose any underlying health issues.

We also offered extended treatment programs at our drug rehab facility for program participants who want to keep coming back even after they have finished their primary rehab. Continuing care allows participants to maintain contact with their support base, including counselors who are already familiar with their situation. We believe that ongoing support can be a great way for clients to stay motivated and on the right path long after they have finished their program.